Looking for a fun present for someone who is fashionably-inclined, yet sometimes flummoxed by it all?  You've found it in this admittedly kitschy and quirky -- yet helpful -- little eBook, Fashion from the field

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When Melanie McMillan worked as style editor for a weekly newspaper in Connecticut's Litchfield County, she had access to top fashion designers and fashion industry experts. She savored every conversation and learned a lot.

But even before she was paid to write about style, a fashionable mother in rural Ohio taught her, straight out of the womb, the importance of presenting oneself to the world in a well-dressed way. 
In the pages of Fashion from the field you will find some sage advice from key experts, as well as from the author and her mother.
Here are just a few topics that are addressed:

  • Can style have substance?​
  • What's your perfect hem length?
  • What's the best way to edit/clean out your closet? (This involves wine)
  • What about hats?
  • Should you wear hosiery or go bare-legged

Read, laugh and enjoy! 

A perfect gift for the fashionable everywoman