Gain a competitive edge                      

With gratitude to Meredith Whitman for the use of this beautiful photo.

1. Discovery   A proprietary research method I developed uses the power of scent to help identify the heart and soul of your story and the qualities that make your business truly unique. I use these findings to craft key points for use in all of your outward-facing messaging. 

2. Differentiation   You can choose to take the discovery phase a step further and have a scented logo developed to differentiate your message in a most memorable way that helps drive sales and helps your customers better recall your brand.

You can also create a special scent for a specific experience, event or message.

In fact, independent retailers have found that diffusing scent into their retail locations helps them better compete with big box behemoths!

For example, researchers at Belgium's Hasselt University discovered that scent increased sales in small bookstores. And Hunkemöller, a Netherlands-based lingerie retailer, increased sales by 20% with the addition of scent to its marketing mix.

The facts about (natural) fragrance

  • Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our human senses. It is 10,000 times greater than our sense of taste, our next most potent sense.

  • Fully 75 percent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by scent.

  • Through my proprietary technique, I define the attributes of your brand. What I uncover via this unique research tool helps me develop your scented logo, along with story lines to complement it, that will touch the hearts and minds of the audience you need to reach.

  • A scented logo will help your organization's message transcend today's technology-based chatter. I use only the highest quality pure essential oils extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits, and trees to create your logo.

Scented logo design

According to the Sense of Smell Institute, we can recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, in contrast to only 50% of visuals after three months.

With gratitude to Meredith Whitman for this beautiful photo.
  • A brand with an olfactive logo has a 65% chance of being remembered by a customer after one year, while an unscented brand has a 50% chance of being forgotten within the first three months.

  • A scented logo becomes a powerful part of your story. Scent enhances the perception of a brand and deepens brand loyalty -- which increases revenue. It is a powerful competitive advantage. And it also makes healthy sense.

  • A scented logo can be subtly expressed in several ways. Some examples include: scented papers, ambient sprays and diffusion into the air.