Create an emotional connection with your audience

Discovering ways to incorporate scent into a specific message—or even into your overall business—is something I often explore with my clients.

Using scent is not right for every organization. But when the fit is there, it's a potent addition to your marketing mix. 

After all, scent is the most powerful of all our senses. In fact, it is 10,000 times more powerful than taste. 

The use of scent in marketing can indirectly increase sales. It captures the attention of your customers, helps your customers remember who you are, and it ultimately creates a positive customer experience. 

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But even if using scent -- in its literal form, such as in a scented logo, for example -- isn't right for your business, I have created a unique research methodology based on a combination of art and science that uses scent, color and an in-depth interview to help uncover hidden elements of your story that will earn you a competitive advantage. For years I used this method to uncover personality traits of people who were my aromatherapy clients. Ten years ago I began to modify it for use in my public relations practice to help uncover hidden essences and assets of businesses that my clients use to tell their stories more creatively and powerfully.