Thank you for stopping by this blog. My mission is to help readers find meaning, and rediscover awe and wonder in their everyday lives. This blog is for anyone who yearns to live authentically and less crazily. (Although don’t hold me to the less crazy part; I may add a dash of it on occasion.)

This is an extra-curricular project, and so I write whenever I have the time. You’ll discover an array of topics here, including fashion and beauty, food, aging gracefully, the natural world, God and faith, the power of natural scent, relationships, writing personal letters — and the list goes on.

This blog is something like the zillionth creative project I’ve launched. Like most of us, I have some battle scars. But I am grateful to have found a sweet spot writing about new adventures, and also about everyday matters whose nuances we might miss if we’re not paying attention.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

And that brings me to an important question: When was the last time you stopped to enjoy the scent of a flower? Ah, I thought so. There are so many meaningless things in life that distract us and deflect our attention from living fully.

As a student of natural botanical essences, I have formally studied them in the US and in France. Scent is kind of my “thing,” if you will. And I would love to share its beauty and power with you. I hope you will make time in your days to step out into nature’s open arms. Smell a flower, a blade of grass, or the rain—and “just be.” After all, scent is the most powerful of our human senses, and it is our strongest tie to memory.

To that end, the foundation of much of my work is a proprietary technique I developed that uses natural scent to help people and organizations discover their own unique story. For businesses, this exercise often leads to the creation of a scented logo. With individuals, it often leads to the creation of a signature perfume for them or a signature fragrance for their home.

If you are interested in a discovery session for you, personally, or for your business brand, please reach out to me through this website.

Please have a look around my site, and feel free to comment on the blog posts. I’ll leave you with this: My wish is that all of your days will be filled with wonderful new adventures, experiences, and ideas — and an abundance of love.


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