My unofficial bio

This picture is missing something. Wait! I know. It needs a chocolate croissant!

This picture is missing something. Wait! I know. It needs a chocolate croissant!


Most people refer to me as Melanie, but many clients, family and friends call me Mel. 

I was born and raised in the Midwest, attended college there and earned a degree in journalism. The Northeast was my home for almost 30 years, but I recently returned to rural Ohio. 

A client recently described me as someone who stretches his thinking. I believe this was a compliment. At least I’m pretty sure it was, because he’s still a client.

Whenever I have some spare time, which isn't too often, I create all-natural artisan perfumes. 

New York and Paris are my favorite cities. When I made my home out East, I considered myself fortunate to live an hour-and-a-half outside of New York. Maine is my favorite state, with coastal Maine being my absolute favorite spot of all time. 

Several years ago, friends and I had lunch with a real marchesa in a seedy French restaurant in the port city of Marseille. Well, her boyfriend said she was a marchesa, and I want to believe him. 

Although I am a person of deep faith, I’m a seminary school dropout. If truth be told, the experience wasn’t my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, Earl Grey is my favorite. I like it hot or iced. I also drink coffee. Hazelnut. Black. 

I like chocolate, too. And pasta. Avocados are awesome.

Eggs Benedict is my favorite dish. And not always for breakfast/brunch. Sometimes I serve evening "brunch" if I'm entertaining. (I prefer to replace the Canadian Bacon with asparagus and tomato, or avocado.) 

Cooking for friends and family is one of my favorite things to do. Enjoying the fruits of my labor is a close second! Note: Not only should the food make one's tastebuds dance, but it must also look fabulous. It should be plated and presented "just so." I'm a real stickler for this. A meal should envelop all of one's senses. 

If I'm having a bad day, Philippians 4:13 is great inspiration. 

Although I love fashion (I used to be a style editor for a sophisticated little newspaper in Northwest Connecticut), I loved it more when I weighed 50 fewer pounds. I'm definitely not a fashion snob; I shop everywhere. As I write this, I am wearing a flouncy summer skirt from Walmart paired with a Michael Kors T-shirt. 

Iconic fashion designers Diane von Furstenberg and the late Oscar de la Renta used to invite me to attend their runway shows during New York's Fashion Week. It was so much fun covering their shows as Style Editor for the little city-country newspaper I worked for. 

Oh, and speaking of fashion designers, I should mention that I once wrote a full-page obituary, with byline, for a Golden Retriever named Barnaby. He was the beloved dog of the late Bill Blass. 

I usually wear black, not because I’m depressed (on the contrary!), but because it’s easy to wear. Technically, black isn't a color, so my favorite color of clothing is red. 

Finally, here's another website of mine you might want to visit. As a sort of hobby, I write personal letters for people: